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Tanzania is a truly breathtaking place, with approximately 38% (42,000 sq kilometers /16,000 sq miles) of its land set aside in protected areas of conservation. Tanzania contains some 20% of the species of African mammal population in its 17 National parks, 29 Game Reserves, and 40 Controlled Conservation Areas and Marine Parks. Wildlife resources in Tanzania are described as “without parallel in Africa” and “the prime game viewing country.”

Professional Kilimanjaro Adventure (PK Adventure) is a locally owned, dedicated, and fully licensed tourism company with its headquarters in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. We provide a full travel package to any tourism attraction located in Tanzania. We are dedicated to ensure your time in Tanzania is your best holiday yet.

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Our Safari Styles

Note that in the same itinerary you can mix accommodation styles

Camping Safari

The most affordable option

With our camping safaris, we use the same vehicles and guides as our other packages. The only differences are the meals and the accommodations. The meals being different is not necessarily bad. We travel with fresh ingredients and a talented safari chef. We have complete control over the menu and the meal times. Our clients are typically amazed at the quality of the meals. 

The campsites are in specially designated areas so there will be several other groups not far from your tent. The tents are tall enough for an average-height person to stand in the center and there is enough room for two mattresses and your gear. You will need to keep your tent zipped up to keep insects and small animals out. The showers and toilets are communal so you will need to bring a towel and your toiletries. The campsites do not have any way to keep animals out, so it is likely that some will wander through the area,  especially at night. But they do not disturb the tents. Some precautions must be taken if you want to use the toilet at night. Your guide will brief you on this.

Comfort Safari

The best option for some itineraries
A Comfort Level safari uses small lodges and tented camps, providing our travelers with an excellent balance between comfort and price. With Comfort Level trips, accommodations are self-contained and furnished with bed frames and mattresses, a table,  chairs, hot water, and electricity. Meals are made by their chefs and served in a common area, typically buffet-style. Special diets can be catered to with advance notification. You can expect an internet signal and there will be a bar (additional cost for drinks). Some have a swimming pool. Prices for this category begin around $275/room night (full board, taxes & concession fee included). For itineraries where you will not have many waking hours at the accommodations, this category is probably the most sensible. 

Comfort Plus Safari

For those who want the best, we provide it.

These lodges and tented lodges are situated in prime areas and offer spa services and employ top chefs. If choosing this package, we will design an itinerary that will allow you to enjoy your time at the lodges. Many are in such excellent game-viewing areas that you can relax with a morning cappuccino on your veranda and enjoy game-viewing from there. Evenings have entertainment, typically cultural singing and dancing. Several lodges in this category have drinks all-inclusive. The price range in this category is pretty wide. Our price quotes will be for the most commonly chosen accommodations but we can adjust your price quote according to your desired accommodation choices. In this category, the prices vary more according to the time of the year. The lower range of this category starts around $600/night per room (full board, taxes & concession fee included) but the top-end lodges can exceed $10,000/night.