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Tanzania is a truly breathtaking place, with approximately 38% (42,000 sq kilometers /16,000 sq miles) of its land set aside in protected areas of conservation. Tanzania contains some 20% of the species of African mammal population in its 17 National parks, 29 Game Reserves, and 40 Controlled Conservation Areas and Marine Parks. Wildlife resources in Tanzania are described as “without parallel in Africa” and “the prime game viewing country.”

Professional Kilimanjaro Adventure (PK Adventure) is a locally owned, dedicated, and fully licensed tourism company with its headquarters in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. We provide a full travel package to any tourism attraction located in Tanzania. We are dedicated to ensure your time in Tanzania is your best holiday yet.

Kilimanjaro Open Group Treks

Our Safari Styles

Standard Safari

No compromise on quality nor adventure

We recognise that travellers have different budgets. Not everyone wants or needs luxury accommodation on the safari, so for budget-concious, we keep thing simple.

Travellers on our standard trips will ejoy the same wirdlife adventures, but the accommodation provided might be public – rather than private – campsites for example. Rest assured, we choose the best in the category. Travellers travel together in our own vehicle, with our own diver-guide; excellent food is prepared by our own exper chef, who travels with the group.

Comfort Safari

Quality and price in perfect balance
A Comfort safari uses small lodges and tented camps, providing our travellers with an excellent ratio between quality and price. With Comfort level trips, accommodation always comes with private bathroom facilities. We rigorously research the options available to give you the best accommodation in this popular category.
Please note that in some areas, the lodges and camps can be situated outside the National Park. We do not compromise on quality when choosing Comfort accommodations, we simply handpick the lodges and tents to provide you with the real value that you expect and the high standards you deserve.

Comfort Plus Safari

For those who want the best, we provide it.
Some travellers expect the very best, with quality being more important than price. If you’re seeking that little bit extra in your accommodation, we can provide it.
Accommodation on our trips in the Comfort Plus category might be in state-of-the-art lodges or tented camps, with a level of facilities and service you would expect from a large hotel organisation. Depending on location, camps can sometimes be situated outside the National Parks.